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May 25, 2011

Budget busters and PT

by Living with RSD: what comes next?

These topics seemingly don’t go together. But, in my warped mind, they do. Today was my second to last day of physical therapy. During my 3 month long, long stint in PT, I learned a few things about myself. One, I hate PT. Nothing personal. I just don’t like having the restrictions and the pain of rehabing the very parts of your body that are actual pain. The goals for me were to focus on my back, upper and lower, arms, core and legs. Like me, you might be wondering what’s next? Second, for the first time in my life, my goals weren’t to focus on returning to premorbid. They were about returning to functional. I am a fall risk because I am unsteady on my feet. I probably will continue to be unsteady on my feet. Now, let’s get to how this relates to budgeting. I went the gym last week. Loved every minute of it. I spent three days recovering from my two hours of work outs this weekend. I need to make very conscious decisions about what I choose to do with my body and the implications and paybacks.
Now, I blew my budget this past month on a reallly cute sweater. I love my new sweater. It wasn’t in my budget. It really compliments my wardrobe and was worth it. I need to focus the same intensity towards my body. Perhaps I should create a body budget that looks at my energy levels and the choices that I make. I tend towards this approach because it doesn’t take away my right to choose. There are some things, such as work or paying bills, that I have to do. But, there are some things, like Zumba and getting cute sweaters, that I choose to do and will make work.
So, my new approach, as I exit PT on Friday, is a body budget based on my energy levels and right to choose. May be this weekend I’ll create that budget. BTW, in the meantime, I’m going to Zumba this weekend!