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June 10, 2011

Money does grow on trees

by Living with RSD: what comes next?

I used to have this great vision of a child of a money tree. It looked like a tall oak tree with all kinds of bills in the place of trees. I wished that I could be the first to find that money tree. As an adult, I’ve lost the vision. However, I realized that money does actually grow on trees.

Here’s my thought. I can’t make more money, so, in looking at my financial budget, I need to look closer at my how I spend my money. Stores are continuing to raise their prices and the price of gas is at a “cheap” $3.75 per gallon right now. But, here’s the money on trees, coupons!

I have tried to commit to coupons over the past few months. It’s a lot of cutting without a lot of pay off. My first try at it, I spent $250 and saved $5. Not too great. I did better the next week, saving $10 on $80. Then I lost inspiration. I admit, I did stop watching Extreme Couponing, which was fueling my coupon frenzy. But, it still didn’t seem to sustain me.

This morning, as I was thinking about my money tree and childhood dreams, I realized that rather than trying to compete with the couponers, some of whom seemed like glorified hoarders (sorry), I just need to envision that money tree. Instead of bills on that tree…coupons. All I need to do is see the tree through the forest.

June 7, 2011

The price of things these days..

by Living with RSD: what comes next?

I’m at the point in my life to follow what I love..what does this means to me?

There is a price and cost associated with and to everything these days. Financially, how can I not focus on the actual costs of things? With gas averaging $4 per gallon, prices of groceries skyrocketing, I can’t help but focus on my bottom line. It’s like getting pay cut. The benefit to all of this is that it forces me to really examine how I choose to spent my “assets” and why. I constantly challenge myself with questions, including what will this add, do I really need it, is it a want and can I get it cheaper. Answering these questions help me to determine the right decisions. I am clear and confident about what I choose.

I’ve been trying to use these same questions to apply them to my health and body budget. For example, I’ve received the medical clearance that I wanted to go back to exercising. I used to work out a lot. I used to train for 10 mile races a few times year. I used to go to Zumba several times per week. All of those things were my outlet. They are clearly something that I value and want, and need, in my life. It is a clear want. I might also argue that I need exercise in my life. However, energy is limited. Therefore, I need to determine what is my real need and what the consequences of that exercise might be. For example, I have just finished my Zumba class for the third day in a row. I can already tell that will have a significant impact in my energy levels. I was hoping that it would assist me in getting to the next level of fitness. But, I can see it’s going to have a negative impact on what I am able to do these next few days. So, while I did enjoy my Zumba, it didn’t add anything to my recovery. A better choice might be to focus on strength training. My emotional bank has been fairly high the past few days. But, my physical budget is low. My foot is numb. I believe that my same injury to the break and ligament tears are aggravated. So, I made a bad choice with my assets. For the next few days, I need to recoup what I’ve lost. Tomorrow, I’ll try yoga or something else more low key.