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October 4, 2011

If wishes were horses..

by Living with RSD: what comes next?

My dad has these funny sayings. He grew up in the Midwest. I don’t know if that’s where they came from. I just consider them his dad-isms. One of my favorites, or the most compelling one, goes something like this. “If wishes were horses, frogs wouldn’t bump their a$& on the ground”.
Nice visual, right? I used to spend hours trying to figure out what this meant. So, in the middle of my teenaged angst or just general complaining mode, my dad would pop out with that one. I can remember, in long car rides, wishing that it was over. My dad would pop out with that one, well, if wishes were horses. We would all laugh hysterically because, really, what is a better visual than a frog on a horse. And how does is even make sense? And, is that the best that he could come up with? I still wished that the car ride was over. And, what a pessimistic point of view. I suppose that he was trying to tell me that it’s useless to wish because the won’t come true. But, don’t buy it.

I agree that some wishes just aren’t ever going to come true. I could wish that I had a million dollars and I suppose that would never come true. I could also wish that I didn’t have RSD. At this point, that won’t come true. It is pointless. But, I think that if you make a wish that it closer to reality, than may be you can manifest it to come true. I wished that I would stop hurting myself by falling all of the time. I worked at it with PT and exercising. I also gave up my precious shoes. I can’t say that it will never happen again, but it came very close to coming true.

So, I have a visual of a frog hopping around the stables, trying to get on that horse. May be the real message is that you have to work hard for your wishes to come true. I don’t know. I have a Shrek-like, puss-in-boots vision of a frog, in riding boots, jumping on a mini-horse. It could happen.

And I guess that my RSD could go into relative remission. If I keep working on it..

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