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April 23, 2011


by Living with RSD: what comes next?

My thoughts about angels has changed over the years. Growing up, I believed in the Rafael angels that were on the top of a cloud watching over us, remote and heavenly. Innocent and pure, untouched by the worries of the world.

Now, I’ve come to believe that angels are everywhere.  It’s up to us to recognize them.

I have a friend at work who is one of my angels. She’s no saint. She’s not innocent or pure.  I know she wouldn’t mind me saying that.  But, she came to me at one of the lowest points in my life.  I was empty, but I didn’t know it. I didn’t realize how sad I was until she asked me. I felt trapped, but I put myself in my own prison. No one else. Just me.  She made me realize that I had the key to get out the whole time. 

. She saved me as much as any angel sitting on a cloud.
I’ll always look towards the clouds and heavens for help and guidance. But, now, I also know that I can look on Earth into the hearts of friends, even strangers, to reflect kindness and love as I try to figure out my ever after.

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