Face the music

by Living with RSD: what comes next?

So, I’ve gained 12 lbs since I’ve been working out again. Some very kind individuals tell me tht it’s muscle, but it’s not. It’s from poor eating habits. I could make many excuses, but it’s from me not taking care of myself.

For three months after my surgery, I didn’t exercse one bit. I did the physical therapy, if that counts, so I was moving. But, it wasn’t the high intensity cardio that I like so much. And have been doing 5 times a week. I went back to the gym hoping to maintain. You see, I’ve trained for the 10 milers and 10Ks. 100% of the time, I gain weight while I’m traning. This isn’t because of a lack of exercise. Poor nutritional habits.

I do have a sweet tooth that accounts for some of my bad habits. But, the worst part of it all, is that I’m not eating enough. I am so used to restricting my diet that I can’t seem to find the right balance between exercise and food. I am also nervous that the side effects of my meds are catching up with me. All of them warn about weight gain.

So, my solution is to journal what I eat. I hate doing that. It’s a form of torture. May be the thought of journaling will be enough to do what I need to do. I also need to add more weight training and less cardio, or less intensive.

OK. A plan works for me. And the public confession. This way, you all can hold me accountable.

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