The pleasure of pain

by Living with RSD: what comes next?

I’ve had this neurostimulator implant for two and half years now. For those of you that don’t understand how they work, I’ll do my best to explain. I have RSD, which gives me wrenching pain in all four of my limbs. It also gives extreme temperature changes and swelling to the joints. I loose my perception of where my limb is in space, which matters more for your feet. It’s not constant, but I can’t control when it comes and goes. Stress makes it worse and exercise makes it better. The neurostimulator does not stop the disease. It blocks my perception of the pain, or stops the pain. My hands still turn blue and purple, but I can’t feel it as much. Every once and a while, I’ll turn off the neurostimulators to see if I still need them. Doesn’t take me too long to realize that the answer is yes. I couldn’t function without them.

This got me to thinking if only there was a device like this to stop the pain to you soul. You could just turn on a switch and let the pain happen around you. The pain happens, but you just don’t take it so much to heart. This got me to thinking even more. The reality is that we do have the power within yourself to slow down your perception of pain. Somehow, thinking of dealing with my struggles this way was helpful.

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