What did you say…sorry, my mind was in Paris

by Living with RSD: what comes next?

I saw Midnight in Paris last night with a good friend. It was a beautiful, touching film about reinvigorating your passion for life. I loved it. I loved the scenery, I loved the clothes and I loved the styles. It was an absolutely breathtaking film. It got me to daydreaming. If only it were as easy as being wisked away by the lost generation. Bohemians who live the artists life, painting, drawing and writing about the romance of Paris.

So, all day today, I’ve been captured and taken away to Paris. I was 14 when I went to Paris. The city was overwhelming. You could breathe in the energy. I have been waiting to go back for years. Watching this film recaptured that feeling. All day, when the phone rang, I was in Paris. During meetings, I was in Paris. I haven’t thought about any health issues today or any other of my life stressors. I’ve been in Paris. I don’t know how long this will last. I just know, for now, I’m still in Paris.

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