Look Ma…no hands

by Living with RSD: what comes next?

For the Fourth of July, a number of our neighbors set off fireworks. We are at the highest point between the mountains and the sea. My house and the house across the streets are the. To highest homes on the block. This makes for great firework watching. All over the long weekend, fireworks were set off to honor independence and freedom. Naturally, it got me to thinking about my deepest wish to be free from pain. I used to want it for one day. At this point, I’d settle for a few hours.

So, my lovely and wonderful neighbors across the street, the other highest point, asked us to come over to watch the fireworks….from their roof. Some people might think, okay, not too bad. But, you go up, crawl out the window, climb up the shingles, to the flat 20×20 highest point, down the back side and voila. I haven’t been so terrified in awhile. Now, I could hear my therapists saying both “Don’t baby it” and “Don’t fall. You’re not steady on your feet”. Somewhere between the babying it and the steadiness, I made it. And the view was perfect. Not so much the fireworks all around, but just claiming a little bit more of my independence everyday.

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