What I have learned from nature

by Living with RSD: what comes next?

I went to the National Zoo yesterday. Absolutely amazing animals. I fell in love with the clouded leopard. I don’t recall ever seeing fur so beautiful. It got me to thinking about all that I could learn from nature.
1. Even though I do love the clouded leopard, there are so many different furs and pelts that are just as beautiful. We were not all created to be the same. May be there is room for differences.
2. I love a monkey. Let me tell you why. Monkeys are smart. Monkeys don’t like to be limited by cages. But, monkeys make the best of it. They roll around, play and fling poo at each other. They are making the most of it and still having fun! Who couldn’t learn from a monkey?
3. Some animals are more popular than others. It reminded me of high school. But, that didn’t make the “less popular” animals less. They weren’t less intriguing, less fascinating or just plan less.
4. Mob mentality rules. At the panda house, everyone mobbed outside, where there were no pandas to be seen. They sat waiting and the crowd grew larger in anticipation of something that was never there. But, if you turned the corner, you got to see the panda. Sometimes, you can’t follow the mob. Make your own path.
5. The zoo is fun!

We topped the day off with a trip to Georgetown Cupcakes, which were absolutely wonderful and worth the wait in line. I’m trying to use what I learned from the zoo to be okay with the fact that I am different and lost a little of myself. It’s a slow process for me. I’m not sure that I’ll get there. In the meantime, I think the larger lesson learned was that every day is better when you top it off with a cupcake!

For my body budget, physically I feel spent. All of the walking and long easy burned me out. Emotionally, I am overflowing. The city and life has an energy all onto it’s own. It’s contagious. The big question of today is what will these energy levels help me get done today?

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