Body budgeting with an early wake up call

by Living with RSD: what comes next?

I’m up again at crack-o-dawn, as my old co-worker would say. To top things off, I have a function this evening that will have me coming home at 10 tonight. I can hardly remember the last time that I was out. I was a good girl and didn’t grab my Lulu Guinness wedges to wear tonight because I know that I should be wearing flats, even though I really hate my flats. They need some attention. But, chances are that my balance continues to be off. It’s hard to get dressed for cocktail hour when you have a two inch scar on the back of your neck, but I think that I have succeeded in matching comfort with style. But, it’s a new thing for me.

As for my body budget, I’m running on a no budget day. I did do rehab last night with my hands, so my arm is cramping up. It’s also a day with a heat advisory, so I also know that the weather will be slowing down. This means that I should take it easy today. Easier said than done! I haven’t learned that skill yet, but I am trying. So, for now, my plans are to move slowly and may be even take a nap at work if the 14 hour day proves to be too long. We’ll see how that goes.

All in all, I have a plan. The more in control I feel of my choices for my body, the more control of my RSD I’d like to think that I am. I would like to control my body to sleep, but that appears to allude me for now. I wish that my finances were this in control. My prescription went from $40 for a three month supply to $120. Wow! I wish that I had that kind of increase in my pay. The cost of this disability is brutal. I spend $100s a month on doctors visit and $100s more on my 4 prescriptions. And they tell me not to be stressed. I make too much money to qualify for assistance, but not enough to not feel that pain. I do place funds in my FSA for medical costs, but that is still money that could have been in my pocket. Yikes! As for the money for my prescription, I would much rather but the money into some cute black flats because mine are old and worn out. Like me!



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