Love and Drugs and my pharmaceuticals

by Living with RSD: what comes next?

I just saw the movie Love and Drugs. If you haven’t seen the movie, I won’t spoil the plot. However, I will share a smaller part to the movie. Pharmaceutical companies have incentive programs for doctors who prescribe their medications…in the movie. It got me to thinking about the 5 prescriptions that I am on. How many are entirely necessary?
I’ve been reading a few books that talk about natural supplements in the place of pharmas. It also talks about the prolonged exposure to chemicals to your body. Some of my medications are necessary, but are they all really. I believe that it’s not enough to focus your recovery on the medical community. That is one valuable component. What’s missing for me is the recovery for my heart and soul. It’s hard not to let your spirit get down. Until I get my spirit in balance , I’ll continue my medical recovery.

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